The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

January 2, 2013 by A

Lorelai and Rory hanging out

Since all we seem to write around here are drinking games, we may as well keep going and highlight one of our very favorite shows, Gilmore Girls!! For the six seasons before ASP bailed, we reveled in the zany charm of Stars Hollow, laughing and crying along the way. Seriously nowhere we'd like to live more, and that's saying a lot considering our manic love for Harry Potter.

Here we go. As always send me any I've missed! Updated 11/28/16

Take a Drink When...

  • Drink for the theme song! (How the hell did I just find out the lady who sings this is Sophie from the music store?)
  • Kirk shows up doing a new job
  • The girls are drinking coffee at Luke's
  • It's time for Friday Night Dinner!
  • Rory makes a pro/con list
  • Lane gets something from under her floorboards
  • Babette calls someone "sugar"
  • You hear Chris on the answering machine
  • There's a Town Hall Meeting!
  • There's a new maid at the Gilmore manse (drink twice if it's not a new maid)
  • Patty hits on someone completely age-inappropriate
  • Take a drink for the first snowfall of the year.
  • Flashback to young Lorelai
  • We pass the town troubadour (take it easy during the troubadour episode...)
  • It's the Firelight Festival!
  • Someone's on the answering machine — drink twice if it's Chris
  • Luke and Taylor go head-to-head at a town hall meeting
  • Lorelai and Rory are on a junk food bender
  • Trip to the Black, White, and Red movie theater!
  • Lane's talking on the phone from inside her closet
  • Any mention of "Hank from Woodbury"
  • All three Lorelais together!
  • Anyone calls Rory "Lorelai"
  • Winter Carnival!
  • There's any mention of lobster puffs
  • Dine and dash. The Girls simply walk out of Luke's without paying
  • Sad drink for Luke's Dark Day
  • The girls mention Al's Pancake World
  • Miss Patty is talking about any of her many husbands
  • When Rory graduates! Go, Rory!